Take advantage of our daily specials

Every day, Bellagio Restaurant and Pizzeria offers special deals to help our customers save a little money and maybe try something new. You're welcome to order your regular dinner or go for whatever our special is that day.

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Find out what deal we're offering today

Don't miss out on one of our great dinner deals. We offer daily specials every single week.

Our daily specials are:


$10 chicken riggies
$10 large cheese pizza
$10 25-piece boneless wings


$2 off all large subs


$0.75 wings with purchase of any large pizza


Free fried dough with purchase of any pizza and wings special


$22 for a large cheese pizza, 20 boneless wings and a two-liter soda


2 for $20 large cheese
$10 all pasta dishes

Everyday pizza and wing specials

$18 small cheese pizza & 10 wings
$27 large cheese pizza & 20 wings
$44 large cheese pizza & 40 wings
$52 two large cheese pizzas & 40 wings