Fast and friendly service. I ordered a full Cuban sandwich. As I watched it being made, the owner told me that she has worked in pizzerias locally for years but is originally from south Florida and brought the perfect Cuban sandwich recipe that she grew up eating. She explained how she bakes her own bread for the Cuban so it holds up and gives a perfect crisp. She uses a homemade spread on the inside of the bread with two types of mustard and mayonnaise. Then gives full coverage of Swiss cheese on one side and layers slices of ham on the other. Then piles on a huge amount of pork which she explained she slow cooks a whole pork loin, then chops it up, and adds her own seasoning. Next is the hand diced pickles strewn inside. She then folds it shut and massages the top and bottom of outside in butter to prepare it for the panini press. This Cuban sandwich is fantastic. If you like a sandwich that gives your money's worth in meat, and a consistency of texture and taste with every bite, then this is for you. Enjoy.

Sheridan Mish

Tonight was the first time ordering, and can honestly say it was Uh-Mazing! Ordered pizza, an Antipasto Salad and Garlic Knots. Garlic Knots are amazing! Food was perfectly cooked and prices are unbelievably great! Will certainly be sending everyone I know this way! Owner was beyond friendly and took great care with our food, despite being busy an hour from closing! Will be making this a weekly staple in our ordering! 5 Stars!

Veronica Kinsey

First time visiting this establishment... and I must say I am very impressed.. from Everything wings the pizza , the Cuban sandwich and buffalo chicken sandwich..everything was delicious..everything cooked to perfection.. we will definitely be visiting again.. great addition to the neighborhood.

Ken Lacy

Honestly, the best pizza pie in the city. When I first discovered them I thought I'd give them a shot but I haven't been able to order from anywhere else since, and I've been eating pizza twice as often. Super friendly service.

James Somers

Chicken wings were amazing and the owner is such a sweetheart.

Kimberly Meyers

Another Awesomely Delicious meal from Bellagio's. Yummy, quick curbside pickup with a friendly smile. Thanks!

Joann Ballard

Great Pizza and service!

Dodge Pratt Northam Art and Community

Ordered a half chicken parm sub, honey mustard wings and some fried dough. For $21 it sure was a steal!! The sub was amazing. Perfect amount of sauce and cheese to chicken. Toasted garlic buttered bread and so much deliciousness. But let's talk about the real show stopper. The fried dough bites. 100/10 for real. Crispy on the outside and fluffy and hot inside. Ordering 3x the amount next time.

Alyssa Mae

Great food for the price and very friendly staff!!

Sarah Kregel

awesome and delicious pizza, calzone and antipasto! Friendly and great service! Thanks so much!

JoAnn Ballard

I ordered from Bellagio tonight for the first time - a 2-liter, large garlic pizza and 20 everything boneless wings - the food was SO good (and her prices are amazing), I definitely recommend. The pizza was perfectly cooked ... and the boneless wings were delicious, crispy, and had just the right amount of sauce. $27 for everything (taxes & fees included, free delivery on the Slice app) Can't wait to try the cubano pizza. Def my new favorite pizza spot.

Kashmir Niemeyer

They make a delicious Cuban! Fresh, delicious bread!

JiJi Tai

Wow, excellent new pizzeria in Utica! Great thin crust pizzawith a delicious sauce on it! Ordered everything wings extra crispy and they were cooked perfectly and good combo for the everything. Also got some fried dough which was great as well! Will definitely be ordering from there again.

Gregory Boehlert

Good thin crust! Support local!

Tina Pavlot